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Real Results by Real People



Jamie D.-30

"Liv and Lanre asks the tough questions that help clients look at themselves on a deeper level and she helps them craft the change they're looking for."


Russ C.

The Secret to success is having a team around you that cares about you and will make the journey easy and fun. iron allaince did all of the above!


Carrie C. -36

"the iron allaince staff is known for guiding a person to understand how their body, mind, and soul are equal parts of the problem and the solution. they then helps them to create a habitually healthier and happier lifestyle through coaching, mentoring, and support."

Caroline K. -45

"Lanre gently coaxed me to think about solutions that were doable and goals that were attainable and the low-grade depression that I thought was just normal lifted.


Dwayne B.


I walked into Iron Allaince nearly a year ago feeling completely defeated after repeatedly trying to lose weight on my own and getting nowhere.

My amazing trainer, Cindy, met me right where I was in my weight loss journey and equipped me with the tools, training and encouragement I needed to achieve my fitness goals.


Caroline K.

While I’m incredibly thankful to the staff for  helping me get back in shape espcially when it comes to loseing the weight, but I’m more thankful for what they helped me gain – my health, confidence and quality of life!


Jennifer D- 56

I came into this in the worst shape of my life, and the unhealthy lifestyle was slowly killing me. i knew i needed to change so i deceided to get help

a year later i am down over 40lbs going on long walks again and living life exactly how i want to be 

At this age it’s about being the healthiest I can be to live a long active life. cant recommend enough!

brittany J.-48

In November 2021 I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror across from the shower and I immediately started crying on how bad I looked.

I decided that day I had to change my life.

I contacted  IA, and received a nutrition plan & training schedule and the encouragement to start my new journey.

45 pounds later I feel awesome. My resting heart rate was 83 and now it’s in the low 60’s.

Kelly K-50

I’m full of energy without caffeine. I finally fall asleep with in 3-5 minutes & sleep through the night. Daily hydration makes my skin look fantastic.

I could have never accomplished all of this without  IA!”


Sean G-56

“I am so amazed with the results achieved at IA. The meal plan put together for me was easy to follow and I was never hungry. They kept me focused on our goal and was always very encouraging. The weight training helped to accelerate my results. I started seeing changes in my body and  the workouts were something I looked forward to every time!” highly recommend

Mathew G- 50

"Kat is known for guiding a person to understand how their body, mind, and soul are equal parts of the problem and the solution. She then helps them to create a habitually healthier and happier lifestyle through coaching, mentoring, and support."

Joe.M- 47

"Kat gently coaxed me to think about solutions that were doable and goals that were attainable and the low-grade depression that I thought was just normal lifted.


Jenny T-29.

On days when I am really struggling with my trauma and grief, I know one thing I can control is how I take care of my physical health. This is a really big deal to me. When we feel as though we are losing control (as trauma survivors often feel) finding ways to take back control is so important. And a healthy lifestyle is one of those ways I choose to take back control today! I loved the fact that it was one-on-one training in a small gym where everyone was working to achieve their individual goals.

If you are struggling to find a place that feels safe and supportive to start your journey to a healthy lifestyle, I strongly recommend you check out Iron allaince and all they have to offer!”


shavonne B-35


It is never too late to gain muscle strength, a solid core and cardio fitness and the team at IA helped me to recognize this. Thank you again for the positive experience and supporting me in a non-judgemental and safe space.

It feels good to be Strong Again!

eilisha M- 46


Even with use of a treadmill at home it was not enough and I needed some place to go and to be held accountable. I am not a fan of fitness centers and a friend of mine shared a post on Facebook of her experience at AI so i decided to give it a try.

After the first class i was hooked. IA was where I needed to be! “Being Strong” was my ultimate goal! Being “fit” for me in my fifties is truly different from what it meant to me in my younger years.

I am truly focused on my “full self” having balance mentally, spiritually and physically.


Richie V -32

I always told myself that if you take care of yourself and be a good human, good things will happen. Since that time I lost 21 pounds and over 9% body fat by eating clean and working my butt off. on top of that, my kiddo is doing awesome and I met the love of my life. Please put yourself first and take care of your mental, and physical health. Call Hitch Fit and make a commitment to yourself for a better life.”

Greg F-36

“For years, I wanted to get back in the gym and clean up my diet.I would get in to it for a few days, maybe a week, then fizzle out. I was spinning my wheels.

I was going thru some personal things and a little lost. I noticed an instagram ad by iron alliance and decided that this was my wake up call. I pulled over and made the call to IA. I dove in and the rest is history.f you are on the fence or need that extra nudge to better yourself I strongly recommend going in and talking to them. My life has been changed in many ways.

Eric R - 50

Working iout in the IA culture helped me gain the discipline and courage to change my life! I know how to listen to my body when it tells me what it needs. I crave the feeling of accomplishment from a good workout and know that my body can handle a little push. I don’t turn my nose up at healthy food options because I know it’s fuel to get things done. I have the tools and the understanding to move on to the next chapter of my journey.


Heather  S- 43

After 40, it was disappointing learning that I couldn’t eat what I wanted anymore on the weekend and lose it the following week. In fact, It kept adding and adding on. 

I was inspired by  the testimonials on there website and reached out to  Iron allaincet. My stretch goal was to reach my pre-baby weight 22 years ago. I am absolutely ecstatic that I was just 4 lbs shy of it by my after pictures.

Iron alliance methods taught me how to manage a new healthy lifestyle that I can self-maintain. 

Jennifer B-34

I have comfort ate my whole life. It’s how I have coped when stressed or lonely. A couple of years ago I decided to make a radical change to lose some extra pounds and found a love for exercise but also calorie deprivation.

It worked but was not sustainable and knew I would need to re-parent myself how to eat to fuel my body and not starve it. Iron alliance helped me see food in a different light. I also changed my thinking from pounds lost to fat percentage lost. I got down to my 15 percent body fat goal and so proud of the work I was able to accomplish through my wonderful trainer and program! Thank you for showing me how to see my body in a different light!

Sophia G- 31

My journey this year began when I was sick and tired of the ups and downs I had experienced over the past few years. I’ve gone back and forth on my weight multiple times and each time I’d successfully drop the pounds, I would revert back to old habits, make excuses, and unfortunately gain the weight back.

This year I was determined to do things the right way, learn from past mistakes, and change my lifestyle for good.

With the help of Iron alliance I was able to find a plan that worked for me.

With the right push, I ultimately ending with me completing my first 10k run 

Though I’ve not transformed into the chiseled model physique (nor was that my goal) I am certainly proud of my endurance, abilities, and where I’ve gone.



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